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A Great Fire Every Time


FIREBRAND premium firewood and kindling is a mix of Maple, Alder, Ash, Fir, Pine, Cedar and Juniper woods from the forests of the Pacific Northwest.
UPC#: 865212000107
Dimensions: 10”w x 16”l x 10”h / .75 cu. ft.
Weight: 18 lbs.


FIREBRAND premium kindling is kiln dried to ensure a fire that starts easily and burns warmer every time.
UPC#: 865212000152
Dimensions: 6”w x 12”l x 19”h / .4 cu. ft.
Weight: 5 lbs.

Firebrand Mini Logs

Perfect for chimineas, fire pits and fireplaces. Packaged in durable bag with handle for easy carrying.
UPC#: 865212000169
Dimensions: 15 lbs.
Weight: 13″w x 17″l x 8″h/ .5 cu. ft.

Emergency Firewood Kit

Firewood, kindling, paper, firestarter, and safety matches (UN1944). Everything you need in case of an emergency.
UPC#: 865212000145
Dimensions: 22.5 lbs.
Weight: 14”w x 18”l x 12”h / 1.25 cu. ft.

Match-Ready Value Pack

Firewood and kindling offered together in a convenient value pack. Just light it and relax.
UPC#: 865212000138
Dimensions: 20 lbs.
Weight: 10”w x 15.5”l x 15”h;
75 cu. ft. firewood/.25 cu. ft. kindling
A Focus on


At Conifer Canyon Resources we are proud to be part of an industry that is by its very nature the definition of sustainable.

Our 100% pest and chemical free firewood comes from the forests of the Pacific Northwest and is part of the continuing sustainable practice of harvesting and replanting our state’s greatest renewable resource. This responsible harvesting not only provides quality pre-packaged firewood that consumers enjoy with their families but gainfully employs Oregonians in a progressive craft.

Our logs are mainly harvested from the forests near our location in Lyons, Oregon to reduce the environmental impact caused by the excessive freight cost and diesel consumption used in transport. We purchase fallen logs along with other scrap material and recycle what would otherwise be left behind as waste. Through this activity of removing the scrap logs we are effectively removing the fuel and reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires. This recycled wood becomes our primary feed stock for our kiln-dried firewood.

The Company

About Us

Located in Lyons, Oregon, Conifer Canyon Resources LLC produces premium firewood products year-round for retailers throughout the West. We pride ourselves on superior quality and a diverse product line including: Firewood Bundles, Kindling, Chiminea Mini Logs and an Emergency Firewood Kit.

Our mixture of softwoods and hardwoods are kiln-dried, bundled and stacked in a uniform manner to ensure that each piece of wood is 100% pest free and ready-to-burn. Build a Firebrand fire today and feel the warmth.